Interdisciplinary artist, designer and researcher.

This is an archive website with older examples of Jack Hardiker’s work. We’re currently developing the ‘Office of Everyone’ studio website, featuring work from the past two years.

I work with both established and emergent artistic techniques to tell important stories in playful, memorable, and unexpected ways. Whether presented on a website, in a virtual environment or in a physical space, my work empowers audiences with the agency to affect outcomes.

As a Senior Digital Designer I have led global projects from inception to delivery for clients including the BBC, Orange and American Express. More recently, my work as an Artist and Creative Director has received organic press coverage, along with numerous award nominations.

I am an Associate Lecturer on the Digital Direction MA at the Royal College of Art, supporting a diverse group of UK and international students. The course addresses emerging issues in immersive digital communication and the creative economy.

Email: jhardiker@gmail.com

‘One of the most interesting examples of "sonification" that I have come across’ – Eric De Visscher, V&A Research Institute

‘We love it. Signed off! Jobsagoodun. It reeeeally is!’ – David Bailey, Creative Director at BBC UX&D

‘He got great feedback from those he worked with...cool,calm and collected just about sums him up...and is charming to work with...with a 'can do' attitude and is witty to boot’ – Al Baird, Lead Creative Director, MSL Publicis Groupe

Clients and collaborators include: BBC, V&A, The Royal Academy of Arts, American Express and XL Records.

Techniques and technologies include: graphic/UX/UI design, film, script writing, physical computing, VR/AR, AI arts, projection mapping, spatial audio and industrial design.