Jack Hardiker


01/ Algorithmic Filmmaking
02/ V&A Historical Fiction
03/ ‘Weegee’ VR Theatre 
04/ Phone-line Storytelling
05/ Collective Spatial Audio App
06/ Boring Collaborative Game 
07/ RA Analogue Social Network

08/ Human AI Workshop

  A/ BBC: Design, UX, Video
  B/ BBC: Typography Research

Technology should work for everyone. Not just people that live, look, love, earn, move, and pee like me.




‘Create twenty-two new voices at the BBC’.
A research piece advocating the custom typeface BBC Reith.

Whilst in my role as a Senior Designer at Tui Media, I identified the value of and argued for an expressive, and crucially accessible, custom typeface at the BBC.

As an antidote to the use of vanilla system fonts, I proposed an extensive family of sans and serif weights catering for a range of voices, from serious (News) to playful (Children’s).

The research piece was shared with key senior stakeholders including the Director General. As part of a wider research initiative, this work helped pave the way for the eventual commissioning of BBC Reith, a contemporary humanist font designed by Dalton Maag, with twenty-two sans and serif weights.

BBC GEL. Various versions of Reith. 

Page explaining the aperture of system fonts Arial and Helvetica.

Cover featuring system fonts Arial and Helvetica.