AT THE WATER’S EDGE (Work in progress)

‘Amplify marginalised voices in the climate change debate’.
A 360º VR film exploring the effects of climate change on the area of Thurrock.

Thurrock is an area in constant flux. It houses oil refineries, transport, manufacturing, and one of Britain’s largest rubbish tips. It is predicted the area will suffer disproportionately from the effects of climate change such as rising sea levels. We began meeting local residents to listen to their stories. A number of older residents talked to us about a large flood that occurred in 1953.

We transformed the collected stories into a verbatim script. We chose to place the stories from the 1953 floods in the present day and associate them with a contemporary or near-future climate disaster.

We recorded the script with two Thurrock-based actors and created a 360º ambisonic soundscape. We then accompanied this with shots of the sparse Thurrock landscape. We reduced the visual information to detach the landscapes from their specific location, making them more universally familiar.

The piece is introduced by Clare Farrell, the co-founder of climate movement Extinction Rebellion. 

360º landscape. 

Animated landscapes.

The first of many meetings with Thurrock residents.

(Co-Created with Giulia Brancati, Taeheon Lee and Matt Watkins)