An anonymous interactive telephone line that encourages people to share stories.

According to a survey commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation, men are far less likely than women to seek emotional support from friends or family. I sought to find a lofi, low commitment way to facilitate this emotional dialogue.

FatherLine collates and publishes personal stories about fatherhood using the medium of an interactive phone line. By offering anonymity via a common technology, the project captures an intimacy and frankness that might have been lost in a traditional interview format.

The creative alludes to a bygone era of interactive telephone role-play games and sex chat lines. The sound design and voiceover are reminiscent of local radio advertising, and the gaudy early noughties-inspired website was an exercise in anti-design.

Created for Manchester International Festival and Fatherland (Frantic Assembly)

Listen to the stories left by anonymous strangers

A sample of stories left on the FatherLine.

Gaudy early noughties inspired website. 

Pitch film ‘James’.

Pitch film ‘Mr Landa’.