Jack Hardiker


01/ Algorithmic Filmmaking
02/ V&A Historical Fiction
03/ ‘Weegee’ VR Theatre 
04/ Phone-line Storytelling
05/ Collective Spatial Audio App
06/ Boring Collaborative Game 
07/ RA Analogue Social Network

08/ Human AI Workshop

  A/ BBC: Design, UX, Video
  B/ BBC: Typography Research

Technology should work for everyone. Not just people that live, look, love, earn, move, and pee like me.



ROYAL ACADEMY SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES (Photographs and video in progress)

‘Facilitate new friendships in a gallery’.
An analogue social network for the Royal Academy’s 250th Birthday Party.

For the Royal Academy’s 250th Birthday Party I developed an analogue social network to test people’s willingness to meet strangers. 250 party goers were each given a custom designed mask and a set of instructions.

Inspired by the Victorian parlour game Consequences, each unique mask featured the top and bottom halves of different faces from the Royal Academy Collection. Any two masks could be slotted together to create a new, abstract form. I called the project Social Consequences.

Players were instructed to wear their masks at a specific time and location in the gallery and hunt for their masked counterpart. When a correct match was made, the two masks could be combined to complete the original artwork. Many players went on to share the project on digital social networks.

A number of the unique masks. 

Selection of posts on digital social networks.