Todays Supply 

The world is the curator. A global exchange of crowdsourced online events in art, design, technology and culture.

In the current crisis, people are stuck indoors looking for new ways to entertain themselves with friends and family. Meanwhile, cultural institutions, artists, designers, speakers and lecturers are looking for ways to reach these audiences virtually. As a result, the live user-base of video platforms like Zoom and YouTube has skyrocketed with more talks, workshops and events being hosted online than ever before. Access is being opened up as typical barriers like expense, geography and disability fade into the background of the virtual world. But we are still missing a single online location where people can discover online events and vitally, ideas that will take them outside of their everyday filter bubble.

Todays.Supply recreates the joy and excitement of discovering an inspiring talk at a conference, or hearing an amazing poet or musician at a festival. In a world where personal filter bubbles have reduced the odds of random discovery, Todays.Supply aims to bring back these opportunities for serendipity.

The creators and early adopters of the internet dreamt of a democratic space for learning and socialising. This dream has somehow been lost. The lockdown period is an opportunity for us to reignite some of this ambition -  an opportunity to establish new, meaningful worldwide exchanges and connections to culture, sharing and learning.

Together we can crowdsource the world's largest year-round live festival of learning – for everyone.

(Co-created with Yinka Danmole and Off Grid)