A dynamic web collage for artists Eknæs, Amstad and Powell.

Norwegian visual artist Marte Eknæs, Swiss filmmaker/animator Michael Amstad and English musician Oscar Powell have spent the past two years creating an original body of collaborative work. Having completed the work, they were looking for an unconventional way to present its variety and spontaneity online.

In partnership with developers AFEW, I designed a dynamic multi-media platform that expands and contracts to encompass new work as it is created. The challenge was to stay true to the artists’ vision of a fluid and chaotic platform, whilst incorporating a covert structure that would make the site navigable.

Breaking with tradition the homepage launches in the centre of the page so the user can scroll up or down to view the work. afolder.studio

“▷ a ƒolder ↯ to me at least ↯ feels like a kind of polyphonic outputting organism that contracts + expands ↻ stretches ↻ to include not just my own new stuff ⨧ but also ⨧ the H!-sensitive film and imagery of Norwegian visual artist Marte Eknæs ± Swiss filmmaker/animator Michael Amstad ⧉“ Oscar Powell