Jack Hardiker


01/ Algorithmic Filmmaking
02/ V&A Historical Fiction
03/ ‘Weegee’ VR Theatre 
04/ Phone-line Storytelling
05/ Collective Spatial Audio App
06/ Boring Collaborative Game 
07/ RA Analogue Social Network

08/ Human AI Workshop

  A/ BBC: Design, UX, Video
  B/ BBC: Typography Research

Technology should work for everyone. Not just people that live, look, love, earn, move, and pee like me.




Hummingbirds have puzzled scientists for centuries by defying classification. Their complex history serves as an allegory for the wider challenges we face today in artificial intelligence and classification. Lessons from this cautionary tale become increasingly urgent as AI technologies are introduced into vital services like policing and healthcare.

Jack Hardiker explores these themes through a collaborative storytelling app and an accompanying gallery exhibition.

Digital Direction Graduate Show: 21 February 2020 – 23 February 2020 | 12pm – 6pm, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU

“Digital Direction addresses emerging issues in contemporary digital communication and the creative economy.“

Short sample WIP render of gallery installation.

Testing the app with students at Falmouth School of Art