Telling better stories with design and technology.

My work empowers audiences with the agency to affect outcomes. I explore visibility through questions of who is seen and heard, but more importantly, who is not.

I work with both established and cutting edge artistic techniques including physical computing, AI, VR, AR, nonlinear film, projection, spatial audio design and industrial design. I also help large, complex organisations such as the BBC, solve large, complex design and UX problems, challenging convention wherever possible.

Critical analysis and research are integral to my practice. I have recently drawn particular inspiration from Donna Haraway’s situated design methodologies and Jussi Parikka’s archeological approach to critiquing media cultures.

‘One of the most interesting examples of "sonification" that I have come across’ – Eric De Visscher, V&A Research Institute

‘We love it. Signed off! Jobsagoodun. It reeeeally is!’ – David Bailey, Creative Director at BBC UX&D

‘He got great feedback from those he worked,calm and collected just about sums him up...and is charming to work with...with a 'can do' attitude and is witty to boot’ – Al Baird, Lead Creative Director, MSL Publicis Groupe

01/ Trochilidae [hummingbird]
02/ V&A Historical Fiction
03/ Weegee VR Theatre
04/ Phone-line Storytelling
05/ Afolder Web Collage
06/ Algorithmic Filmmaking
07/ Collective Spatial Audio App
08/ Boring Collaborative Game
09/ RA Analogue Social Network
10/ Human AI Workshop
11/ Democratic Directory
12/ BBC: Design, UX, Film
13/ AMEX: UX, UI Design
14/ BBC: Typography Research